Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foreign - hand painted

Foreign - hand painted

Bareuther - 100 jahre

Bareuther, Waldsassen - 100 jahre

RGK Czeckoslovakia –Bernadotte

RGK Czeckoslovakia - Bernadotte
1928 - 1939
This was a present from my friend Gen.

This is what I found about the pottery makers:

"Egerlander Porcellanfabrik, Elbogen, GmbH, Loucky, Czech Republic (Grunlas, Bohemia, Austria)

1907 founded by Benjamin F Hunt & Son of Boston, who had previously had an interest in Benjamin f Hunt & Son in Locket; its name was Egerlander Porcellanfabrik Elbogen, Gmbh.

1908 the owners were Ludwig Engel & Son.

1911 Richard Kampf bought the factory and Richard Dieterle became a partner, the name was Porzellanfabrik Rudolf Kampf GmbH, Grunlas, and the brand RGK. The letters RGK stand for Rudolf Kampf of Grunlas.

1945 The company was nationalized into Slavkovský Porcelán

1953 It was transferred to the company "Bohemia"

1958 It became part of Karlovarský Porcelán independent plant 04.

1992 the company was privatized as Leander 1946.

It is presently known as Leander, Porcelán, Loucky, sro (Ltd.)."

GKC Bavaria

GKC Bavaria
This is the first German tea cup of my collection. Very pretty.
I have been trying to get more information about the pottery make, but no luck yet.

Thanks to the kind contribution of marysuehil who left a comment on this post, I have found out that the gold mark of this cup was used between 1900 and 1969.
Take a look here for reference.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Queen Anne - Hebe

Queen Anne - Hebe
Shore & Coggins

Foreign - Japanese


I received this tea cup (part of a full set for 6) as a present from my friend Gen. Hand painted, very delicate.

I still need to find out more.

Crown Regent

Crown Regent trio

I received this as a present from my friend Gen. It's part of a set for 6.

Willow pattern porcelain tea cup

Willow pattern

This is a very nice porcelain tea cup. I recently found out about the Willow pattern story, very interesting.
This piece is unmarked so I can't tell when it was produced, I can only say it is porcelain.

Bodley trio

Bodley trio
c. 1800+

This beautiful porcelain trio only has a simple impressed mark in the back (click on the picture to enlarge). I haven't found much information about it.
I'd really appreciate any information about Bodley porcelain.

Genuine Samurai china - Japan

Genuine Samurai china, hand painted

This tea cup is part of a full tea set, depicting a geisha. Beautifully hand painted!.
I don't know anything about the mark, so if you have some information please let me know, I'll really appreciate it.

Meikei - hand painted Japanese tea cup

Meikei - Japan
Beautifully hand painted.

I was absolutely stunned when I saw this tea cup! the hand painted work is unbelievable.
I tried to find more information about it on the internet, but there's very little. I contacted Mikari, a dear friend who lives in Japan and who kindly helped me to find out about this piece.

It's part of the Satsuma ware, depicting "Bosatsu" (godess of compassion) in the center, accompanied by the 4 gods of power.
The crest in the top center represents the "Simatzu family".

If you know more about this ware, please let me know.

Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester
c.1874 (need to confirm)

Aynsley trio - 22Kt gold

Aynsley trio

Fruit patterns were commonly produced in the 1930's

Friday, September 11, 2009

Royal Vale by Ridgway Potteries LTD

Royal Vale (E171) by Ridgway potteries.

This tea cup was a present from my friend Gen.

Masons - Strathmore pink and blue

Masons - Strathmore pink and blue.

This was a present from my dear friend Gen, who also collects pottery and porcelain.

Queen Anne by Shore & Coggins

Queen Anne by Shore & Coggins
The back stamp on this ware was first used in 1950, then it changed in 1959. So this tea set was produced between 1950 and 1959.

I started my collection with this tea set for 6 I got in July 2009. The color is just wonderful!.